Life Safety Express & PlanRadar

Life Safety Express has always understood the importance of using a software platform that is easy to use, mobile, dependable, and allows for detailed reports and easy follow-up. However, finding such a platform has not always been easy. That’s why we were excited to discover PlanRadar Defect Management Software, which has proven to be a valuable partner in our mission.

PlanRadar is more than just a punch list management tool; it has capabilities that extend far beyond that. We have used the software for a variety of purposes, including life safety assessments, door and damper inspections, drawing corrections and updates, virtual life safety audits, life safety element inventory, and environment of care or safety rounding.

Our observations are documented on user-created forms and placed on drawings in the exact location where they occurred. These forms allow for the inclusion of pictures with notations, voice recordings, documents, and drawing illustrations, and custom lists enable the identification of specific issues, code/standard references, ILSM actions, building/floor, and assignment. All of this information is permanently recorded as part of the ticket.

At the conclusion of the survey activity, the results can be exported to a predefined report format (PDF or Excel) and emailed directly to the customer from the mobile inspection device. Items identified as needing corrective action can be assigned directly to those responsible, and third parties can access the application to correct the issue, document the action with a photo, add a comment, ask for feedback, and change the status, all at no additional cost.

Overall, PlanRadar has had a positive impact on our ability to satisfy customer needs, provide easy-to-understand information, and deliver timely results. We highly recommend it as a platform for managing and

The PlanRadar Mobile app allows administrators, department leads and contractors the ability to view and update a list of tickets and their status via a mobile app

Life Safety Express & Plan Radar allow location addition to tickets showing complete information for deficiencies identified

PlanRadar allows photo/document addition to each individual ticket generated. A picture is worth a thousand words.

What is PlanRadar?

PlanRadar is a cloud-based project management and collaboration platform that is used in the construction and real estate industries. It allows users to create digital floor plans and documents, track progress, collaborate with team members, and communicate with clients and stakeholders. Some of the features of PlanRadar include real-time tracking, document management, task management, and mobile app support. The platform is designed to help teams streamline their workflows, reduce errors and rework, and improve communication and collaboration.