Mock Life Safety Surveys

@ Your Healthcare Facility

What you can expect with our mock life safety survey:

  • An experienced Life Safety Express consultant on-site
    We are confident we have the best surveyors in the business. We are passionate, experienced, and have a deep desire to create safer healthcare environments. Learn more about our team.
  • A proven process
    From communicating with our team to downloading your deliverables, we’ve invested in the tools that provide the efficiency and responsiveness you have come to expect from a modern customer experience. Click here to learn more about our custom-developed technologies.
  • A thorough document review
    Your LSE consultant will conduct a review of all relevant documents related to environment of care, life safety, and emergency management. We want you to be prepared for any document you may be asked to provide.
  • An on-site building tour
    We’ll walk through your building with your key team members to do a thorough survey based on the latest codes and standards, using our custom-developed survey tool .
  • A timely report
    Your Mock Survey report is a .pdf that includes any findings that were cited during the survey as well as pictures and notes from our consultant. In addition to the .pdf report, your survey is available via our custom-developed survey app .