Based on an organizationā€™s programs, capabilities, and budget, LSE will tailor a solution to meet your needs.

We offer:

  • Full Service complete Life Safety Audits (above/below ceiling)
  • Below ceiling only
  • Life Safety Drawing development, validation, and/or drawing updates.

There is no prescribed approach to a project. Detailed proposals are developed with input from our customers.

Drawing turn-around is dependent on many factors the least of which is how many projects/additions have occurred since the last drawing project. Total ft2 of addition or change and the availability of DWG files for the affected areas. Most drawing projects are completed within 30 days IF the changes are minor. Larger more complex updates require more time to source the base files and review the construction/renovation areas. Allow plenty of lead time for projects with > 25K of new backgrounds.

Life Safety Express partners with several organizations where we do not manage the Life Safety drawings. LSE will evaluate your existing drawings and advise you of any areas of concern.

Our goal is to help you provide a safe environment for patients, staff and the community and reduce the number of times a surveyor stops to ask questions.

For CMS or deeming agency surveys LSE would use the 2012 Edition of the LSC. However, when surveying organizations that do not receive Medicare/Medicaid funding (Army, Navy, VA, Indian Health Services) Life Safety Express would use the edition of the Life Safety Code required by the AHJ.

By TJC all Ambulatory Occupancies require Life Safety Drawings. A stand-a-lone Business Occupancy would not require Life Safety Drawings.

LSE develops life safety drawings for any building based on the desire of the customer. We have developed Ambulatory Occupancy Life Safety Drawings and Life Safety Drawings for complex Business Occupancies. Our personal feeling is that all buildings should have current Life Safety drawings available, but we know that is not always possible.

Drawings for Business Occupancies do not have to be as complex as those for Healthcare and Ambulatory so they can be developed for a fraction of the cost. LSE is always happy to discuss your options.