Life Safety Express Provides a full array of Healthcare Life Safety Services and Regulatory Compliance Support

Established in 2012, Life Safety Express is celebrating 20 years of providing consulting, education, and regulatory solutions to healthcare providers across the nation.

Over the years our consultants and partners have worked and educated in every state in the continental US. They have worked the full spectrum of healthcare facilities from some of the largest healthcare networks down to and including the smallest hospital we are aware of at 4 beds. They have worked in some of the newest hospitals and in the oldest hospital in the United States. The common thread is that they are all hospitals, and all have the same needs.

Life Safety Express Excels in Customer Support Prior to, During and After Your Survey Experience

Our consultants and partners have hundreds of surveys and clarifications in their rear-view mirrors. Preparation is the key to good outcomes but that does not insure you have had your attention in the right place. When that occurs, you may find yourself being asked questions you are not prepared to answer. It never hurts to “Phone a Friend” in those situations. You do not want to provide information that could exacerbate the situation or even worse, give the impression you do not understand the question. It may be best to excuse yourself and seek clarification or understanding. Our customers advise us when a survey event is in progress. At that point Life Safety Express consultants and partners are on high alert and respond immediately to calls or e-mails from that customer. Many times, this prevents findings or clarifications. Surveyors are simply wanting to find the correct answer.
In the event there are findings from a survey due to a misunderstanding of what is required or being asked for and/or provided, a third-party review is essential to evaluate if a deficiency exists. This is not a case of who is right and who is wrong. It is a case of not wasting time and money needlessly. Life Safety Express has reviewed countless survey or AHJ findings for validity and clarification. If you were compliant at the time of survey, we will help you make that case.

Support at all levels and phases of construction projects

Life Safety Express provides review services for all phases of construction projects from concept to acceptance. LSE and our partners will collaborate with you to give or get you the answers you need. We are proficient at concept evaluations, plan reviews, site inspections, and final punch lists. Specializing in Healthcare projects, Life Safety Express is a valuable partner who works towards your projects success and compliance.


We provide services and tools to support your life safety initiative.

No matter if you are a Medicare/Medicaid provider, accredited by The Joint Commission, DNV, HFAP, AAA or are a non-accredited facility you still must meet the requirements of some form of life safety code on a state or local level.
Although most of our work is with the 2012 Edition of the NFPA LSC® we have worked with Military, Veterans Administration, Indian Health Services, and state-owned facilities which are regulated by entities not related to Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services. In these cases, the facilities may be required or allowed to be in compliance with newer editions of the NFPA LSC®. Our consultants and partners are versed in other editions of the code and other codes such as NFPA 101 A, NFPA 90A, NFPA 220, NFPA 80, and NFPA 105
Life Safety Express is also ready to assist with your organization’s preparation for the new TJC Business LS Standards. Depending on your business occupancies physical location you may be surprised to learn you have some additional requirements.

Preparation and understanding are the key.

Door Inspection Tool

Life Safety Consulting, Drawings and CAD support

LSE is positioned to help you with Life Safety decisions and options. We develop Life Safety Drawings that meet the requirements of TJC LS .01.01.01 EP 3. We have been able to create DGW drawings from a variety of mediums and can create “as builts” from measure /draw activity.

Once drawings are developed, LSE will visit the facility to verify the representative information on the drawings. We will review and evaluate the appropriateness of Life Safety elements of your facility to include, but not be limited to; occupancies, suites, smoke compartments, atriums, vertical openings, travel distance, exit discharge, and sprinkler coverage.

If issues are identified LSE will collaborate with you to correct the issue or seek equivalency through waivers or equivalencies up to and including FSES (Fire Safety Equivalency System) evaluations.