There are several keys to the success of Life Safety Express’s audit programs. One would be the experience of our consultants and partners but that would be useless without a platform to communicate those observations to the customer in a clear, concise, and timely manner.

Since it is inception Life Safety Express has realized the importance of a software platform that is easy to use, mobile, dependable, and allows for concise reports and easy follow up. Additionally, what good is all this information if it takes a month to formulate and deliver the report.

After many years of trying unsuccessfully to identify a platform that was dependable, easy to access, and comprehensive, LSE identified PlanRadar Defect Management Software as a great partner in our mission. Although the product is self-identified as a punch list management tool it has capabilities far beyond that. To date LSE has used the software for Life Safety Assessments, Door/Damper Inspections, Drawing Corrections and Updates, Virtual Life Safety Audits, Life Safety Element Inventory, and Environment of Care or Safety Rounding.

Observations are documented on user-created forms and are placed on drawings exactly where the observation occurred. Observation forms allow pictures with notations, voice recordings, documents, and drawing illustrations to be placed on the form. Custom lists allow identification of specific issues, code/standard references, ILSM actions, building/ floor and assigned to. This information is a permanent component of the ticket.

At the conclusion of the survey activity the results can be exported to a predefined report format (PDF or Excel) and emailed to the customer directly from the mobile inspection device.

Items identified as needing corrective action can be assigned directly to those responsible for that item. The program allows third parties to access the application, correct the issue, document the action with photo, add a comment, ask for feedback, and change status. This functionality is provided at no additional cost.

PlanRadar has had a positive impact on our ability to satisfy customer needs, provide easy to understand information and timely delivery.

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