Requestor Training –

Request Video

Adding Request step by step

Technician Training –

Technician training – Desktop

Technician Training – Mobile Device

Scheduled Work Orders – and Templates –

Adding Scheduled Work Orders 

Adding Scheduled Work Orders from a Template

Editing an Instance of a Scheduled Work Order

Discontinuing a Schedule

Adding a Template

More Resources:

Maintenance for Healthcare

Click on the links below to view help content for the product(s) you are using:


Work Order

Planned Maintenance

Work Center


Capital Forecast

Critical Alarm

Resources for New Managers/Supervisors

If you have new managers or supervisors on your team, here are some resources to get them using TheWorxHub like a pro: 

Once they’ve tackled the list above, send them these resources: 

[CHALLENGE]: Send these resources to a new manager or supervisor on your team and add them to your onboarding resources. If you’re newer in the role, schedule 30-minute blocks once a week to work through these resources.