The 2024 National Patient Safety Goals: A Comprehensive Overview


The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) are a cornerstone of its mission to improve healthcare safety. The 2024 NPSGs are tailored for various healthcare settings, encompassing critical aspects of patient safety and care. These goals are developed based on inputs from experts and stakeholders, reflecting emerging patient safety issues.

The 2024 National Patient Safety Goals Overview

The 2024 NPSGs cover a broad spectrum of healthcare areas, including Ambulatory Health Care, Assisted Living Communities, Behavioral Health Care, Critical Access Hospitals, Home Care, Hospitals, Laboratory Services, Nursing Care Centers, and Office-Based Surgery. Each set of goals is customized to address the unique challenges and risks associated with each specific healthcare setting.

Goal Development Process

  • Expert Consultation: The Joint Commission gathers information from widely recognized experts and stakeholders to understand emerging patient safety issues.
  • Tailoring to Programs: The information gathered informs the development of NPSGs, ensuring they are relevant and specific to each healthcare program.
  • Supporting Materials: In addition to the goals, The Joint Commission provides sentinel event alerts, standards and survey processes, performance measures, and educational materials to support these goals.

Key Areas of Focus in 2024 NPSGs

  1. Ambulatory Health Care: Addressing safety in outpatient settings, including diagnostic and treatment services.
  2. Assisted Living Community: Ensuring safety in residential care environments for seniors and individuals with disabilities.
  3. Behavioral Health Care and Human Services: Focusing on safety in mental health and social service settings.
  4. Critical Access Hospital: Tailoring safety goals to small, rural hospitals providing 24/7 emergency care.
  5. Home Care: Prioritizing safety in home-based healthcare services.
  6. Hospital: Addressing safety in general medical and surgical hospital settings.
  7. Laboratory Services: Focusing on safety in laboratory testing and diagnostics.
  8. Nursing Care Center: Ensuring safety in long-term care facilities for elderly and disabled individuals.
  9. Office-Based Surgery: Addressing safety in surgical procedures performed in office-based settings.

Accessing the 2024 NPSGs

The Joint Commission provides chapters for each program, available for download on their website. These resources offer detailed insights into the specific goals and requirements for each healthcare setting.

Complementary Resources

  • 2023 NPSG Presentation: A comprehensive overview of the previous year’s goals.
  • Suicide Prevention Resources: Supporting NPSG 15.01.01, focusing on mitigating suicide risks in healthcare settings.
  • Look-alike/Sound-alike Drug List: Addressing medication errors due to drug name confusion.
  • “Do Not Use” List of Abbreviations: Preventing misunderstandings from medical abbreviations.
  • Anticoagulant Therapy Safety: A goal to reduce patient harm associated with anticoagulant medication use.


The 2024 National Patient Safety Goals represent The Joint Commission’s ongoing commitment to improving patient safety across all healthcare settings. By addressing specific challenges and risks in each sector, these goals provide a focused, actionable roadmap for healthcare organizations to enhance patient care and safety. The availability of detailed chapters for each program, along with supplementary resources, underscores The Joint Commission’s dedication to providing comprehensive guidance and support to healthcare providers in their quest for excellence in patient safety.