The Integral Role of Standards Field Reviews in Advancing Healthcare Quality: A Closer Look at The Joint Commission’s Process


Standards Field Reviews are a crucial component of The Joint Commission’s ongoing efforts to refine and update its accreditation requirements. These reviews serve as a platform for healthcare professionals and stakeholders to contribute directly to the evolution of healthcare standards, ensuring they remain relevant, effective, and grounded in current practice.

The Purpose of Standards Field Reviews

The Joint Commission, renowned for its commitment to enhancing healthcare quality and safety, recognizes the dynamic nature of healthcare. To keep pace with evolving practices and emerging challenges, it regularly updates its accreditation standards. These updates are not made in isolation but are instead the result of a collaborative, inclusive process known as Standards Field Reviews.

How Standards Field Reviews Work

  1. Soliciting Input:
    • Health care professionals and others with relevant knowledge are invited to review and comment on proposed requirements.
    • This inclusive approach ensures a diverse range of perspectives from various healthcare settings.
  2. Review Process:
    • Proposed requirements, which may arise from new healthcare trends, scientific advancements, or identified gaps in existing standards, are made available for public review.
    • Participants can access these proposals through The Joint Commission’s website and provide feedback.
  3. Impact of Feedback:
    • The feedback gathered during these reviews is instrumental in determining the areas of support and concern regarding new or revised requirements.
    • This process ensures that any changes to the standards are balanced, practical, and reflective of the realities of healthcare practice.

The Significance of Participation

  • Enhancing Relevance and Efficacy:
    • By involving healthcare professionals directly in the standards development process, The Joint Commission ensures that its standards are not only based on theoretical best practices but also on real-world experiences and insights.
  • Addressing Diverse Needs:
    • The wide-ranging input from various specialties and healthcare settings allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the needs and challenges across the healthcare continuum.

How to Participate

  • Accessing Proposals:
    • Interested parties can visit The Joint Commission’s website, specifically the Standards Field Reviews section, to view current proposals.
  • Providing Feedback:
    • Feedback on these proposals can be submitted through the website, allowing professionals to contribute their expertise and insights directly.


Standards Field Reviews represent a critical mechanism by which The Joint Commission not only maintains but continually enhances the relevance and effectiveness of its accreditation standards. Through this process, healthcare professionals are given a voice in shaping the standards that govern their practice, ensuring that these benchmarks for quality and safety are rooted in practical, frontline healthcare experiences. By engaging in this process, healthcare professionals and stakeholders play a direct role in advancing the quality and safety of healthcare for all.